Tourism Saskatchewan

Tourism Saskatchewan provides a one-stop resource for experiencing Saskatchewan’s vibrant cities, uncrowded parks, world-class freshwater fishing, abundant wildlife, canoeing, hiking, golf, and horseback riding. It also provides information on growing the province’s tourism businesses and recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic. Tourism Saskatchewan’s business support content, advice, training, and resources are all designed to make Saskatchewan’s businesses more competitive, sustainable, and profitable.

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

The Canada-Africa Agriculture Alliance is supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), through the Connection program. The Connection program is dedicated to realizing the potential of social sciences and humanities research for intellectual, cultural, social, and economic influence by supporting specific activities and tools that facilitate the flow and exchange of research knowledge. SSHRC is Canada’s federal research funding agency that promotes and supports research and training in the humanities and social sciences.

Ag-West Bio

Ag-West Bio is Saskatchewan’s bioscience industry association and bioeconomy catalyst. Since 1989, Ag-West Bio’s mandate has been to help move research to market and grow biobusiness in the province. A not-for-profit and membership-based company, Ag-West Bio members include public research institutions, private companies (from start-ups to multinationals), research service organizations, economic development, and commodity groups. Members represent biotechnology, bioproducts and biofuels, environment, health, and nutrition sectors.

Norman Paterson School of International Affairs

The Norman Paterson School of International Affairs (NPSIA) is housed within Carleton University's Faculty of Public Affairs. NPSIA offers the most comprehensive, advanced degree programs in international affairs at the Master’s and Doctoral level in Canada. NPSIA utilizes various programs that provide students with opportunities to enhance their interest and knowledge through conferences, internship programs, exchange programs, as well as providing access to general information.

Sprott Centre for African Research and Business, Carleton University

The Sprott Centre for African Research and Business (SCARAB) is a strategic research unit within the Sprott School of Business at Carleton University, with a mission to promote Africa-focused business research, evidence-based analysis, training, consultancy, and development services to private, public, and not-for-profit organizations. SCARAB offers a variety of flexible, Africa-focused business programs designed to help individuals and organizations build capacity for success. Through these programs and initiatives, the Centre brings together business experts, entrepreneurs, institutions, and organizations from a variety of fields, encouraging and facilitating an interdisciplinary approach to research activities.

Economic Development Regina

Economic Development Regina is the lead agency for economic development and destination marketing for the Greater Regina Area. Economic Development Regina supports industry growth and diversification through retention, development, and attraction of industry and tourism.

Economic Innovation Institute for Africa

The Economic Innovation Institute for Africa (EIIA) is a non-profit economic development and innovation outfit established to deepen trade, investment, and innovation linkages. Founded in 2015 as the Global Economic Institute for Africa, before undergoing a corporate restructuring that led to its current name, EIIA has evolved over the years. EIIA delivers robust outcomes around economic development, internationalization, and innovation through public-private partnerships.

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